Scalp Micropigmentation in Bradford, Leeds & West Yorkshire | What is SMP?

Here at InkedIn Hairline Restoration, we specialise in scalp micropigmentation, a semi-permanent hair tattooing technique designed to defy hair loss in men and women. Whether your struggles with hair loss have only recently arisen, or whether you’ve tried an array of treatments to combat thinning and baldness over many years, scalp pigmentation is the solution you have been looking for. Located in Tong Hall, on the border between Bradford and Leeds, our clients in both cities, as well as the surrounding West Yorkshire locations, have convenient access to our discrete premises.


The process of scalp micropigmentation goes by many names, including scalp tattooing, hair pigmentation, hair tattooing, scalp pigmentation, hair follicle replication and SMP. For clarification, it should be noted that these terms all refer to the same hair loss treatment.

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A Closer Look at Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp pigmentation is an advanced approach to tackling the affects, not to mention the stresses and concerns, of hair loss. While terms like scalp tattooing and hair tattooing draw obvious parallels with needles and ink, hair pigmentation involves a much more skilled, intricate procedure.


Through the use of specially designed equipment and artistic techniques, our personnel inject tiny spots of pigment into the scalps of our Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire area clients.


The ink used for scalp pigmentation has no colour additives, so unlike more traditional tattoos, these pigments will not transition into hues of blue and green. However, over the course of approximately 3 to 10 years, they will slowly fade due to their semi-permanent nature. Fortunately, top-up procedures are easy and cost effective to carry out. As highly skilled professionals, we can adjust the shades of these inks during initial procedures and top-ups to match any natural hair tone.


Over the course of two to three sessions, we cover the thin or bald areas with a consistent, uniform collection of thousands of pigments, all of which replicate the appearance of a single hair follicle. When viewed as a collective following the completion of the hair pigmentation process, they give a hyper-realistic impression of a full head of hair.


A significant proportion of our clients opt to create a close-shaved looked, but for those with more hair coverage, scalp tattooing helps to bolster thin patches, creating the appearance of dense, thick hair.


As a non-surgical, cost-effective solution to other hair loss treatments, hair pigmentation has seen a surge in popularity over only a few short years. People have grown tired of the expense of hair transplants and their often unreliable results, not to mention the cost and commitment of topical solutions.


Scalp Micropigmentation delivers swift, reliable, affordable results for anyone suffering the reality of hair loss.


For an insight into the results we achieve, please contact us.

Can Anyone Choose Scalp Pigmentation?


Absolutely! Scalp tattooing represents a semi-permanent solution for anybody suffering any kind of hair loss. To date, we’ve been able to help people in Bradford, Leeds and the neighbouring areas with multiple issues linked to hair loss, including:


  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Women’s Hair Loss
  • Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
  • Covering Up Scars
  • Adding Density to Thin Hair
  • Enhancing Poor Hair Transplants


Quite simply, no matter your hair loss situation, InkedIn Hairline Restoration can help. To start your journey toward restoring your confidence, please contact us on the number below.


For the ultimate peace of mind, we conduct business relating to our hair tattooing with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

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If you live in Bradford, Leeds, West Yorkshire or any of the surrounding areas, call 07734 703066 for more information about scalp pigmentation.

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building on scalp micro pigmentation
hair tattooing in Leeds
building on scalp micro pigmentation
building on scalp micro pigmentation
building on scalp micro pigmentation
building on scalp micro pigmentation
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