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From the very first point of contact to the completion of treatment, InkedIn Hairline Restoration makes the process of scalp micropigmentation as smooth and stress-free as possible. The procedure of hair pigmentation starts long before the first session itself. As highly skilled hair tattooing professionals, we follow a meticulous preliminary stage to ensure that, come the day of the first session, our clients from Bradford, Leeds and the wider West Yorkshire area have the utmost confidence and satisfaction in how their scalp pigmentation will look.


Despite this detailed approach, we understand that some clients may still feel nervous about their scalp tattooing procedure. This is completely natural and understandable. For customers who need a little reassurance, or for those looking for as much information as possible about the treatment, we have taken a closer look below at the process of scalp micropigmentation.


Preliminary Stages


The first step toward your own hair pigmentation treatment is an initial consultation. During this meeting, a member of our team inspects the extent of hair loss as well as assessing the condition of the scalp overall. This includes the size and sensitivity of any scars and blemishes. It should be noted, we can maintain such features if requested for an even more realistic finish.


With this information, we present and review every available hair tattooing option. We never push for a hard sell or make a sales pitch; our team carry out these scalp pigmentation consultations purely to present the possibilities available.


Naturally, during this part of the process, we encourage as many questions as possible regarding any area of the scalp tattooing treatment. Not only does this help us put our clients at ease, it also allows us to get a better understanding of what they want to achieve with their scalp micropigmentation.


Ultimately, at the conclusion of this preliminary stage, each party has a clear vision of the hairline shape, the follicle density, pigment colour and an array of other specifications.


To schedule your own initial consultation at our premises on the border between Bradford and Leeds, please contact us.

Hair Pigmentation Sessions


With a precise understanding of the hair pigmentation treatment at hand, we schedule the first session. While each case has its own unique qualities, these first sessions usually last for approximately 3 hours, but often extend over and towards 4 hours. During this first hair tattooing session, we work with the primary objective of creating a solid foundation for the new look.


The physical process involves a member of our team using an advanced pigmentation needle capable of creating a spot of pigment the size of a hair follicle. This needle implants directly into the epidermis, but doesn’t reach the dermis. The cells within the cross-fibre structure of the skin contain lumen. When the scalp pigmentation ink gets deposited into the skin, this lumen helps it to remain consistent in shape and size.


We also use advanced computer technology during this process to ensure a consistent finish across the scalps of our Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire clients every time.


Following the completion of the first session, we strongly recommend that our clients avoid direct sunlight to the scalp tattooing site as well as excessive sweating for at least four days.


In the majority of cases, the second session takes place 6 to 7 days after the first. This length of time allows the ink to settle and assimilate as well as allowing any micro-wounds to heal. By the time our clients return for the second visit, their technician has a clear overview of how successful the first session was while identifying the areas to focus on in the second.


The second session usually requires less time than the first and focuses on minor details that deliver the realistic touches to the scalp micropigmentation. For most clients, this completes the process. In cases that require much darker shades or significantly extensive hair pigmentation work, treatments often run into a third session.


We provide our clients in Bradford, Leeds and the neighbouring areas with their own post-hair tattooing care protocols to follow during the week after the procedure. Again, this involves avoiding moisture to the scalp and direct sunlight. While some redness will likely be evident immediately afterwards, the body’s natural healing ability ensures a swift recovery period. In fact, some of our clients even go to work the next day.


If you have any more questions regarding the scalp pigmentation process, please visit the FAQs page.


To view examples of the results we achieve, please contact us directly.

For more details about scalp tattooing in Bradford, Leeds or the surrounding West Yorkshire areas, call 07734 703066

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the process building
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