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Here at InkedIn Hairline Restoration, we pride ourselves on the complete satisfaction of every client that receives one of our scalp micropigmentation services. From initial queries to the finishing touches of the hair pigmentation itself, we remain by our clients’ sides for the duration of their treatment. We recognise that making the decision to undergo hair tattooing remains a significant decision in anyone’s life, so we strive to take as much stress, hassle and concern out of the process as possible. That’s how we’ve become the leading choice for scalp pigmentation in the Bradford area.


For the benefit of any prospective clients considering their own scalp tattooing procedure, we have outlined in more detail below some of the more common reasons why people continue to choose us and recommend our services.



Why Our Bradford Clients Choose Us


1. Discretion

Whether in men or women, hair loss evokes a great deal of sensitivity. In fact, some of our clients haven’t even talked about the subject with anyone else prior to coming to us.


As such, we operate with complete discretion at every point of the scalp micropigmentation process. We understand that people who undergo hair pigmentation usually don’t want others to know, so we base our communications around that. This starts with the discrete location of our business premises in Tong Hall, Bradford.


2. Advanced Training

Despite going by names such as hair tattooing and scalp tattooing, scalp pigmentation differs from traditional tattooing techniques. In order to become a hair pigmentation specialist, our personnel have trained extensively with a vastly experienced, registered scalp micropigmentation tattooist.


Due to the intricate, precise nature of scalp pigmentation work, our technicians have had to train to these high standards. This also ensures the upholding of our own demanding expectations at all times.


To find out more about hair pigmentation, please visit the What is Scalp Micropigmentation? page.


3. Cost Effective Hair Loss Solution

A percentage of our hair tattooing clients come to us because they have become fed up with the alternative hair loss treatments. Hair transplants may well have received plenty of media coverage in recent years, but their huge expense doesn’t even come with guaranteed results. Likewise, topical solutions like specially formulated shampoo require a lifetime’s worth of investment and patience with results that differ from one person to the next.


When it comes to hair pigmentation procedures, our Bradford clients know exactly what results to expect. There’s no tension or doubting in the aftermath of scalp micropigmentation because we outline the procedure during an initial consultation. With an affordable price tag, scalp tattooing delivers guaranteed results with unrivalled value for money.


For an insight into what to expect during a scalp pigmentation procedure, please visit The Process page.


4. Solutions for an Array of Situations

While the majority of our clients opt for hair tattooing that creates the appearance of a shaved head, that isn’t exclusively what we do. Scalp pigmentation works just as well on thinning hair as it does on completely bald heads. For those looking to reinforce their hairline or create the appearance of a denser head of hair, hair pigmentation delivers outstanding results.


Scalp pigmentation also helps to ease the misery of women suffering from hair loss too, restoring the confidence lost during the initial thinning. What’s more, we also handle clinical referrals for cancer patients similarly struggling with the prospect of losing their hair.

If you’re a Bradford resident considering options for scalp tattooing, call 07734 703066

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